Mar. 23 Brunswick Mixed update

For various reasons, I’ve missed posting my own bowling the last couple of weeks, along with updating my league’s standings, so I’ll post my last two BowlSK sheets first:

My bowling on Mar. 10

My bowling on Mar. 17

My bowling was markedly better last Wednesday, particularly the first game, which was my best in quite a while, as it was clean (and you know how I treasure my clean games)! Some of the difference last Wednesday was biting the bullet and getting the Tropical Breeze detoxed and polished, but my spare game was also a bit better than the previous week, particularly where I didn’t miss any single-pin spares. A reset of my averages (overall and moving) and tomorrow night’s +1 score target follow:

Average (66 games): 168
Average for last 9 games: 170
Tomorrow night’s AVG+1 score: 556

Interactive standings after Week 23 (Week 7 of 2nd half)

The team only won one point in the last two weeks, the first game last week, so we remain in 11th (virtual last place). As tomorrow night is a position night, we’ll be bowling the vacant. BBOB have assumed the league lead by a half-point over Last Empire and Never Lucky, with 4 On 9 Man a point behind in 4th place.


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