Aaron Major wins first PBA regional title in York, PA

Aaron Major (center) with Kevin Thibeault (left) and Stephen Major (right) after his PBA East regional win at Colony Park Lanes in York, PA (Photo courtesy of Strike F/X Pro Shops)

Congratulations to Aaron Major, who, as reported by the PBA, won the East Region Colony Park Lanes Challenge, an event for non-champions, Saturday in York, PA after defeating Michael Martell of Brooklyn, NY, 247-172, in the position round match of the round-robin match play finals. Aaron qualified 13th, but went on an incredible run in match play, winning all eight of his matches with only one game under 200 on a tough Viper lane condition.

Aaron had great company at this event, as his cousin, Stephen, finished 4th, and another Westgate bowler, Kevin Thibeault, grabbed the last cash spot (28th). Great bowling, everyone! 🎳🎉🥳🔥


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