Westgate Lanes 2021-22 first month round-up

For a couple of reasons, among them the lengthy outage of LeagueSecretary.com, I’ve had to play catch-up with the early Westgate season, so I’m writing three articles over three days, today’s covering leagues other than my own (Brunswick Mixed) and the Patriots league (of which I am now the secretary), putting the noteworthy scores in them, below:

Pepsi-Cola Classic: Pat Carrara, 277 (9/20)
BBIS: Aaron Major 276/722 (9/28), Ethan Rosenberg 267 (10/5)
His & Hers: Harry Berry 282 (9/14)
Westgate Mixed: Pat Dolan 278 (9/22), Steve Healy 279 (9/29)
TNBA: Clyde Matta 298 (9/17)

Good bowling to all! 🎳💪


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