My experience at the 2021 Mass. senior tournament

If you sift through the results of the 2021 Mass. senior tournament on the BPUSBC Facebook page above, you may note that it’s self-serving for once, as I bowled in the senior tournament for the first time and finished 3rd in Open Division E (ages 55-59), which was the last cash spot in the division and the only division in the tournament to pay a third spot. It represents my best result ever in a certified tournament, as I only ever remember cashing in one other certified tournament, an ABT event that I don’t really remember the details of as I didn’t make the cut to the semifinals, and, of course, the LBT that I won wasn’t a certified tournament.

I’ll go through my day by posting the BowlSK sheets from each squad and remarking on the squad, starting with the Sunday noon squad:

Sunday 12:00 PM on Lanes 55 & 56

It was the clean first game that really set up my whole day, as it put me in a good frame of mind that I never lost, even with the let-up in the other two games of this set. I was crossing with two Hall of Famers, Bill Briggs, elected last year by my association, and Southeastern Mass. Hall of Famer John Camara. Both had noted at various points how well I was throwing the ball and wished me well in the second squad.

Sunday 2:00 PM on Lanes 53 & 54

Admittedly, I got some breaks, but, after the five-bagger that I started this squad with, I smelled blood in the water and made sure my focus was on my bowling, and there was no real let-up, with all three games over the average I entered at. I was particularly proud that I only missed one 10 pin the entire day.

I shall look upon this as one of my favorite tournament experiences now, not just because of how well I bowled, but because of the company I bowled with. As for the latter, I’d like to thank, in particular, Dave Lisowski, who was on my pair for both squads and was encouraging me throughout. 🎳👍


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