Brunswick Mixed update, Dec. 15

I keep forgetting to update my own bowling, so I’ll start by sharing two recent BowlSK sheets of note:

My bowling on Dec. 1

My bowling on Dec. 8

In the first example, I was really only a missed 6 pin away from 600, and that was my only missed single pin spare of the night. Last week was more of a struggle until the end, when I made an adjustment that found me reeling off the back seven for a 234, my second game over 230 this season. And even with the early struggles, the 234 made it a nice little 569 for the night.

Here are what my metrics look like going into tonight:

Average (36 games): 179
Average for last 9 games: 187
Tonight’s AVG+1 score: 553

Interactive standings as of Week 13

Move To Strike is still last for all intents and purposes, with Sharon Turkeys leading by 2.5 points over Sweet Rolls and We Got This, and by 3.5 points over Spare Us. Walter & Joseph Strong will be tonight’s opponents.


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