Westgate league update, Jan. 18

With my father’s end-of-life events distracting me the last few weeks, I decided to do an update tonight league-by-league, with all scores (except for the ones that usually get their own posts) that usually get written up since my last post done so:

Thursday Night Patriots: (Dec. 16) Corey Marvel 279, (Dec. 23) Ethan Rosenberg 279/766, Brian Gaskill 279/753, Aaron Major 289, (Dec. 30) Brian Gaskill 762, Stephen Dale Jr. 753, Brendan Litchfield 278, Stephen Major 276, (Jan. 6) Mark Zimmerman 279/764, Kevin Thibeault 279, (Jan. 13)
Boston Rhythm & Bowling: (Dec. 12) Johnie Funches 277/777, Cindy Cabral 268/701, (Dec. 19) Lewis Bennett 279
Pepsi-Cola Classic: (Dec. 27) Bill Briggs 276/744, Willie Crocker 739, (Jan. 3) Rich Fulton 266, (Jan. 17) Mike Major 266

WTG everyone! 🎳👌😎


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