Brunswick Mixed update, Feb. 23

Last week’s bowling, frame-by-frame

There was nothing too special about last week, as I could string any more than two strikes together, and it was my spare game that was barely keeping me in it. I had to shoot at some splits, however, although it did convert the 5-10 “Woolworth” that is tougher for a right-hander than the mirror 5-7 would be.

Result: 170-178-170=518
Average (69 games): 178
Average for last 9 games: 174
Tonight’s AVG+1 score: 549

Move To Strike won only the first game and stand in a tie for 8th place with Strike Machine and 4 On 9 Man (tonight’s opponents), 11 points behind the leading Sweet Rolls. The leaders are two points ahead of BBOB in 2nd, three ahead of Canton in 3rd, and four ahead of We Got This in 4th.

Bobby had not only the high scratch game in his division (258), but in the league overall last week.


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