Brunswick Mixed update, Mar. 9

As always, starting off with my own bowling:

Last week’s bowling, frame-by-frame

If 57 & 58 was my “kryptonite” pair, it wasn’t showing it, as I had my highest set on that pair this season last week. I mostly rode my great 225 first game to it, but a few single pins that carried would have made the third game pretty good, as well.

Result: 225-170-168=563
Average (75 games): 179
Average for last 9 games: 182
Tonight’s AVG+1 score: 579

Team only won the second game, and, with the league contracting to twelve teams, I might not know my lane assignment or opponent until I get to the bowling center today (and it is a position night). Sweet Rolls are still the leaders, of course.

I did manage to “sweep the board” for the week’s high divisional scores. (Link is to standing sheet page)


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