Did Stephen Major have the best Westgate year ever?

I’ve been really late writing this post, but I wanted to get this on the record. After Stephen Major won the NEBA Tournament of Champions at Bowlero Auburn for his second NEBA title of the year, I had to ask myself if a bowler out of Westgate ever had a more successful season at that level.

About the only names I could think of who could have won multiple NEBA titles were Steve Travers and Tony Attardo, and to get that answer, I eventually had to pull out my copy of the NEBA 50th Anniversary book. It turned out that neither Travers nor Attardo won multiple NEBA titles in a season. If you combine the two NEBA titles with Stephen’s three AXS titles and two Karl’s World Tour titles up at Bayside in Portland, ME, plus the fact that he was high qualifier in the PBA regional at East Providence Lanes, and keeping in mind that all of that was basically scratch competition on tough lane conditions, it’d be hard-pressed to make a case for another Westgate bowler.

Congrats on a great year, Stephen, and best wishes for even better things ahead. 🎳👍

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