2015 Mass. women’s state senior tournament results

The Massachusetts USBC Women’s Bowling Association has posted results of this year’s women’s state senior tournament (PDF file linked), conducted last month at Cove Lanes in Great Barrington. The state champions were Patricia Noyce, representing the Worcester County association, in Class I (65 & over) and Karen Umbrello, also representing Worcester County, in Class II (50-64). Patricia Sweeney (3rd) and Doris Woods (6th), representing Tri-City, also placed in Class I.

Congrats to all! 🙂

Tina Gannon wins RI Ladies Classic in Cranston

Sept. 2015 RI Ladies Classic champion Tina Gannon (R) with runner-up Shaunna Varin (L) (Photo courtesy of RI Ladies Classic)
Sept. 2015 RI Ladies Classic champion Tina Gannon (R) with runner-up Shaunna Varin (L) (Photo courtesy of RI Ladies Classic)

The RI Ladies Classic reported that Coke league bowler Tina Gannon won her first title in the season-opening event today at AMF Cranston Lanes after defeating Shaunna Varin 274-221 (with handicap). Tina came close to the RI Ladies Classic’s second 300 game in its four-year history in the title match by throwing the front nine.

2015 Mass. women’s state tournament results

The results from the Massachusetts USBC Women’s Bowling Association’s state tournament, recently concluded at Brunswick Zone Lowell, are still in an unofficial state on their website, but I’ve been given a hard copy of the official results and will note the champions below, with the association of entry in parentheses. Note: The scratch champions are the ones that entered the optional scratch events and have won the monetary prize for scratch. The division champions’ scores are with handicap.


Div. 1: Scotty’s Girls (Greater Springfield) 2,758
Div. 2: Sister Hood (Greater Boston) 2,735
Scratch: Chair City Chicks (Worcester County) 2,257


Div. 1: Debra Adley & Linda Edwards (Merrimack Valley) 1,531
Div. 2: Darla Gunder & Lisa Trombley (Berkshire County) 1,452
Div. 3: Kelly Standish & Kelly Luiz (Southeastern Mass.) 1,504
Scratch: Mariann Klosin & Maryellen Thorne (Merrimack Valley) 1,267


Div. 1: Laura Krikorian (Worcester County) 815
Div. 2: Theresa Roberge (Merrimack Valley) 757
Div. 3: Elizabeth Mabry (Greater Springfield) 806
Scratch: Lynne Lewis (Greater Boston) 669


Div. 1: Laura Krikorian (Worcester County) 2,274
Div. 2: Karen Strickland (Merrimack Valley) 2,224
Div. 3: Kelly Luiz (Southeastern Mass.) 2,252
Scratch: Laura Krikorian (Worcester County) 1,959

The website additionally reported that Debra Adley bowled her first 300 game during the tournament, in the doubles event.

Congratulations to all! 😀

AMF Auburn Lanes to hold US Women’s Open qualifier Aug. 2

AMF Auburn Lanes will be running New England’s qualifier for the US Women’s Open on Aug. 2 beginning at 11 AM. Entry fee will be $65, and entrants will bowl eight (8) games across 16 lanes, with US Women’s Open entries being awarded at a 1:10 ratio. The lane condition will be the 2011 US Women’s Open pattern (39′, 5.21:1 ratio; link is to top graph on Kegel.net). Anyone interested can contact Eric Mahoney at the bowling center for more information.

Tina Gannon wins singles championship in TNBA national tournament

As both the scratch/actual and handicap results show, Coke league bowler Tina Gannon has won the women’s singles event in the TNBA national tournament with a 785 scratch and 816 handicap score. The doubles and singles events took place at Texas Station in North Las Vegas.

I’m not sure what the prize rule is for the TNBA tournament, but she’ll likely receive the handicap prize if the prize fund percentages favor the handicap division. Still, congrats to Tina on a great effort. 🙂

2015 Mass. youth state tournament results

The Mass. USBC Youth Association has posted official results of the 50th state tournament, which concluded recently at AMF Chicopee Lanes, on their website (see separate links on front page for each event). As usual with the youth tournament, I’ll note the winners from Westgate Lanes, as a post with all of the state champions would be lengthy:

Team, 321-400 Handicap: Nasirha Andrade, Haley Demling, Anna Blyth, Joshua White
Team, 461-560 Scratch: Brandon Moore (from North Bowl), William Gerraughty, Jonathan Gerraughty, Adaisha Straughn
Team, 461-560 Handicap: Xavier Andrade, Glenn Rucker, Anthony Vieira, Christopher Zalewski
Doubles, 321-360 Scratch: Cameron Kaestner & Kyle Egan
All-Events, 161-180 Handicap: Kyle Egan
All-Events, 101-120 Scratch: Xavier Andrade
All-Events, 121-140 Scratch: William Gerraughty

Congrats to all of our bowlers who placed in the tournament. 🙂

Isabella & Ethan Reyes win youth tournaments at Wonder Bowl

The Mass. USBC Youth Association ran two tournaments recently at Wonder Bowl, the annual state Pepsi tournament on Apr. 11, and the spring singles tournament the following day. In the former (link is to official results), Isabella Reyes won the U10 girls division, and in the latter, Ethan Reyes won the U15 boys division (competition in the spring singles tournament was based on handicap scores).

Congrats to both. 🙂

Mike Litchfield wins NAT one-ball tournament; Tom Hedding throws perfecto

Congrats to Mike Litchfield for winning the Northeast Amateur Tournament’s special one-ball tournament today at Westgate Lanes. The concept was simple: One ball, and only one ball, of the bowler’s choice was to be used for the whole tournament, including for first ball and all spares. At the end, Mike defeated DJ Jones by a score of 500-445 (with handicap) in the two-game final match. Henry Webber, Shawn Hagan, Matt Richard, John Hayes Jr., Tom Hedding, Hakim Emmanuel, and AJ Voisine were the other Westgate bowlers cashing.

Tom Hedding also had a perfect game in the tournament, thrown using his plastic skull ball (trust me, it moves left when he throws it for a strike). Henry Webber added a 299 game, and Anthony Allen a 297. There was also a score of note thrown by a woman, that being Linda Dembro with a 280 game; the game was the second game and had the last 10 strikes, which won her the tournament’s strike jackpot worth around $700.

Congrats to all! 🙂

Gary Weiner bowls 300, Melissa Gabriel 287 in Westgate Mixed

I’ve known him since just about a short time after I returned to bowling, and, tonight, it’s my pleasure to report that Gary Weiner threw his first 300 game in the Westgate Mixed league. One of his teammates, Lisa Lach, recorded the video below:

The game after Gary was perfect, Melissa Gabriel was on the verge of becoming the third woman to throw a 300 game at Westgate this season, but fell short on her 11th ball for a 287.

Congrats to both! 🙂

2015 Mass. state tournament information

As usual, I make a post annually when I have all of the information on the year’s state tournaments:

  • The open state tournament, as I’m sure my readers know, will be at Westgate Lanes April 25-26, May 2-3, May 9-10, and May 16-17. Mail-in entries will close April 11, and the entry form can be downloaded from the Brockton Bowling Association here.
  • The women’s state tournament will take place at Brunswick Zone Lowell May 9-10, May 16-17, and May 30-31. Mail-in entries close April 1 (unless schedule is filled sooner), and the entry form can be downloaded from the Mass. Women’s Bowling Association here. Note: For the first time, optional scratch events will be offered in the women’s tournament.
  • The 50th youth state tournament will take place at AMF Chicopee Lanes on April 25-26 and May 2-3. Entries will close on Feb. 25, with an entry form available from the Mass. youth association here.

Shirley Major wins Westgate debut of RI Ladies Classic

Finalists of Jan. 2015 RI Ladies Classic (L-R): Shirley Major (winner), Courtney Parenteau (runner-up)
Finalists of Jan. 2015 RI Ladies Classic (L-R): Shirley Major (winner), Courtney Parenteau (runner-up)

The following is the order of finish of the cashers in yesterday’s RI Ladies Classic event:

  1. Shirley Major
  2. Courtney Parenteau
  3. Tina Gannon
  4. April Raines
  5. Amy Aldridge

Shirley won the final match over Courtney 235-207 (This is a handicap tournament, but both bowlers in the final match were bowling scratch.). Shirley and Courtney are pictured above.

Thank you and congrats to the 19 bowlers who came out, and to the cashers. Thank you also to Fran Varin, the tournament director, for allowing me to post his photo of the finalists. 🙂

RI Ladies Classic to make Westgate Lanes debut Jan. 24

I keep saying that anything that improves opportunities in bowling for women is good for bowling in general, and I’ve recently learned that the RI Ladies Classic, after seeing a number of Massachusetts women entering their tournaments, has chosen to host their next tournament, on Jan. 24, at Westgate Lanes for the first time. They have made a flyer available on their Facebook page, which will be added to the “Local/New England” sidebar list. Note: The entry fee, $40, is waived (free) for first-time RI Ladies Classic participants.

Bob Hamilton shoots 300, Sean Richard 299 in Patriots (includes team honor)

Congratulations to Bob Hamilton on a perfect game tonight in the Patriots league; congrats also to Shirley Major, as Tim Major told me she shot 236 in that game, making the game a 536, better than the 526 game they had the week before the Thanksgiving break (and, of course, a mixed doubles honor game). 😀

Congrats also to Sean Richard, with a 299 game tonight! 😀