Oct. 10 administrivia

I had a few items of administrivia this morning, and I shall list each of them below:

  • A link of a seasonal nature, that to my Brunswick Mixed bracket results worksheet, has been added with the new season’s worksheet having been started. As always with my spreadsheet content, it is viewable in-browser on Google Sheets.
  • Unfortunately, a link I’ve had almost since the beginning of this blog, that to the People’s Tournament, has been removed with the People’s Tournament no longer active in the area and the status of the website in question. I’m sure Sherm Cowan will tell me if he starts running tournaments again.
  • Finally, with Jeff Richgels’ The 11th Frame having been converted to a subscription blog, I’ve had to modify the RSS widget for that feed to note that the full text of articles is available by subscription. You have to “#BuytheBlog” now, but Jeff is hoping he can do more with the blog once income is coming in from it. I’m hoping to subscribe myself soon.

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