A new trick

Wanting to have more options for brackets available, particularly for things like the Brockton Bowling Association’s Bowler of the Year tournament, I recently splurged for Treasure Software’s Perfect Brackets, which I had seen has options for two-game brackets (needing two-gamers for the above-mentioned event), but other options opened up for the Coke league.

My original thought was a “super bracket”, which would have had 27 slots for three rounds (and needing to beat two bowlers instead of just one to advance), but having mentioned that some sweepers could be run with Perfect Brackets, and describing the sweeper options, I was told the Coke league used to run a mystery doubles, where a bowler enters and is drawn a doubles partner at random from among the other entrants. In the lead-up to last night, as I wanted to do the new events at the start of the third, some bowlers liked both options, but not really enough of them said they were interested in the 27-slot bracket, so I announced a mystery doubles sweeper that started last night.

At first, I thought I’d be able to run a sweeper that allowed bowlers to enter multiple times, but, seeing when I set the sweeper up over the weekend that the multiple entries option wasn’t available for a blind draw sweeper, I went with my original plan of a $10 sweeper paying 1 in 5 teams. When I started it last night, I thought the payout option of “1 in X” would automatically pay the correct number of teams, but soon realized that it might have meant “pay 1 in X bowlers”, which would have been wrong. I had 22 bowlers, enough for 11 teams, so I had to use the other payout option, telling it to specifically pay three places. To get the payouts in even dollars, I kicked back a small amount of money into the prize fund, as well. The final payout was $100 for the winning team, $60 for second, and $40 for third.

Another thing I like about Perfect Brackets is that, like Perfect Secretary, which I use to run the virtual league, reports can be saved to a choice of formats (notably PDF files and PNG images), so I remembered to get a PNG image of the final sweeper standings, which I present below:

First mystery doubles_page1

Linwood Cowen Jr. entered both brackets and the sweeper and had a great night compared to his average, so it was no surprise he did well in both. I actually found the standings report later in the night, so it might have been possible to let everyone in the sweeper know who they’re paired with that night, and I’ll be getting feedback on how everyone wants me to run it.

All-in-all, I’d have to say the first mystery doubles sweeper was a success, and it will probably become a staple of the Coke league’s side action as long as I’m running it.