Mar. 9 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 27 bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

Scored better than my bowling tonight, because six of my 14 strikes were Brooklyn strikes, two of them coming together to cover my only open frame of the second game. In said second game, I also had a double on two better shots for my first deuce game in a while.

Result: 161-205-186=552
Average (81 games): 169
Average for last 9 games: 166
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 534

Composite average (153 games): 167

Barry told me he and Donald pre-bowled, but we couldn’t use them because it was a position night. The rest of the team still did enough to win the first two games by enough for total, with the third game a close loss that could have easily been a fourth point.