Live blog: 2016 Sunday Niters roll-off

Readers will know I try to do a “live” blog for my leagues’ roll-offs, and this is the first one I’ve done for the Sunday Niters league.

Macs will be bowling with David Rosenberg absent, while all are present for Where Is B?. Updates as we go along:

Game 1: Where Is B? won the first game 709-680 (with handicap), with Ken Norris leading Where is B? with a 237. Stan Marcus was high for Macs in the game with a 185.

Game 2: Macs won the second game 652-641 and trail Where Is B? by 18 pins after two games. Ken Norris again was high on his team with a 240 game, with Stan Marcus posting a 168 for Macs.

Game 3: Where Is B? won the third game 672-617 and the series 2022-1949. Ken Norris closed with a 234 to post a 704 series, while Stan Marcus was high on his team with a 147 for an even 500.

Congrats to Where Is B?, Ken Norris with his teammates Dave Saunders and Craig McPherson. 🙂