Winter 2016 Week 14 virtual league results

Mad Blogger & Co. won all seven from House Hacks, and the situation is that we are four points behind Little Lebowski in 3rd and need to sweep of Team 2 and get a 4-3 break of the points in the first place match in favor of the second place team, Pay the Lineage, who are two points behind the lead, to tie for first, in which event I would declare co-champions.

vdubtx’s 300 game last week helped give his team, Little Lebowski, the lead.

EDIT: I worked out a couple of other scenarios which put us in first place, both of which still require a sweep of Team 2. The more likely one is that Pay the Lineage wins five points (two games and total), which would tie us with Pay the Lineage for first instead of Little Lebowski. The less likely one is that Pay the Lineage wins 4.5 points (winning two games, losing the third by enough to tie for total), which would give us first outright.