2015-16 Coke league last third, overall results

The last week of the Coke league was last night, and Chan ended up defeating Riordan, who had been leading, 21-9 to win the last third. Congrats to Chan regular team members Felix Chan, Wing Foon Seto, Michael Wu, and Edmond Chan.

For overall, Lights Out (regular team members Shawn Hagan, Hakim Emmanuel, Devon McGregor, and Dave Chalifoux) entered the last week two points ahead of Rick O’Shea (regular team members Brian Egan, Nathan Crouse, Brian Gaskill, and Steve Dale Jr.), and Rick O’Shea won their match 22-8 while Lights Out only won 20 points to create the tie for first overall. As overall was only added recently as an incentive to the teams to compete all season, there were no provisions for breaking a tie for first in overall points, so I think the teams are going to split the first and second place money. Congrats to both.