2015-16 season wrap-up

With the last of the winter leagues having ended, I now make my usual wrap-up post with the high averages, series, and games for the season in Westgate’s leagues for the men and women (with youth included with their gender, if applicable). Averages are based on a minimum of 72 games bowled in the league.


Average: 234.36; Sean Richard (Westgate Mixed, 108 games)
Series: 856; Bob Hamilton (Westgate Mixed)
Game: 300; Ken Norris (Sunday Niters), Thomas Roberson (Boston Rhythm & Bowling), Tim Riordan (Coke Classic), Kevin Stiger (Brunswick Mixed), Sean Richard (3), Dan Esdale (2), Tim Major, Ed Alfieri, Bob Hamilton (Westgate Mixed), Jeff Carter (Thursday Handicap Doubles), Rob Young (4), Tom Hedding (2), Tim Woodley, Steve Travers, Danny Khuu, Alex Major, Mark Zimmerman, Devon McGregor (Thursday Night Patriots), Sean Richard, Ed Godino III, Grant Henderson III, Kris Higgins (TNBA)


Average: 210.71; Tina Gannon (Coke Classic, 102 games)
Series: 750; Tina Gannon (Coke Classic)
Game: 288; Laura Beaudet (Brunswick Mixed)

Congrats to all! 🙂

Summer participation note: It is with a level of regret that I announce that I will not be bowling in leagues this summer. Other factors are motivating this decision, as well, but the main one is that I feel my mental game could use the time away from actual bowling at this point. This will be the first time I’m skipping a summer as a league bowler, but I will return to my leagues in the fall. I do hope I can get the occasional practice session in, as well. My “summer vacation” will also not affect this blog, as I will still follow the summer leagues and report on any scores in them, and I will try to be present for the summer tournaments at Westgate.

Have a nice summer, everyone! 🙂