Brian Egan shoots 290/782, Danny Khuu 756, Omar Butcher 277 in Patriots league

Two of these names will be familiar, but one not so much: Congrats to Brian Egan, who ran the back 11 in the first game, and followed by games of 260 and 232 for a 782 set last week in the Patriots league (see recap, Lane 46). Danny Khuu also went 251-247-258 for a 756 (recap, Lane 34), and Omar Butcher threw a 277 game (see week’s high scores).

Nice bowling guys! 🎳🔥👌

Feb. 24 Brunswick Mixed recap

Wednesday night’s bowling, frame-by-frame

Things could have been better in the second game, with the two missed 10s and a couple of other bad shots, but it was mostly another good night, otherwise. Five of my last six bowling nights have been over 500, and I’m getting comfortable with my new teammates, so I feel I’m in a good place.

Result: 188-151-200=539
Average (57 games): 167
Average for last 9 games: 175
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 506

Although all three games were close against a good team, we failed to come away with points to show for it. This was more because of three scratch bowlers on the other team, however.

Dan Esdale bowls 267/728, Kevin Thibeault 263/716 in Pepsi league

By Kevin Thibeault’s recent standards, he had an off night last night in the Pepsi league, “only” putting up a 263 high game in a 716 series (reporting threshold adjusted for the lane condition). It was his teammate, Dan Esdale, giving him margin for error, however, with a 267 high game in a 728 set of his own (check the recap, Lane 59). Nice bowling, guys! 🎳👍

Stephen Major tosses perfecto in Glens Falls, NY tournament

Stephen Major was kind enough to let me use (with editing 😉 ) the recap he posted on Facebook of his qualifying for the Scratch Doubles tournament he competed in with his cousin Aaron over the weekend at Kingpins Alley in South Glens Falls, NY, which shows above that he posted a 300 in his second game on the way to the pair leading the squad Saturday for “bonus bowling” on Sunday, which resulted in a top eight finish. The tournament was on the 2011 USBC Open Championships pattern, always demanding (as patterns at nationals are). As for Aaron, Stephen told me none of the lefties in the tournament could find anything, so Aaron could at least be excused this time.😁

Nice bowling guys! 🎳🙂

Feb. 17 Brunswick Mixed recap

Last night’s bowling, frame-by-frame

I thought I bowled well overall, with my only real problem having been losing my carry in the third game. Sure, I would have liked to have made more spares, but it was still my spare game that kept my third game over average.

Result: 181-183-169=533
Average (54 games): 167
Average for last 9 games: 168
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 541

Lisa was the one absent this week, but we got the same result as last week, an even split of two points against a good team. The two games that we didn’t win were also close, so I felt good about our showing.

Feb. 10 Brunswick Mixed recap

Wednesday night’s bowling, frame-by-frame

My night’s highlight was definitely the run of four strikes that got me into the 180s at the end of the first game. I ran out of strikes in the other two, but made enough spares to keep those games’ scores in the reasonable range and got out of there with my 500.

Result: 180-158-169=507
Average (51 games): 166
Average for last 9 games: 173
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 516

Kevin was absent, and we could have used him, as the first and third games were close. We did win the second game by enough for total, and we didn’t mind the even split against that night’s opponent’s.

Sean Richard blasts 290/805, 300 in RtR at East Providence Lanes

“Ka$h” may have had only a semifinal finish in the Ripping the Rack Singles Championship last Saturday at East Providence Lanes, but he had a big day leading up to it. First, in the second qualifying squad, he opened with 257-258-290 for an 805 (an award score, because the Ripping the Rack series is certified), finishing with a 223 and 1,028 for the four games. Then, to start the match play bracket (follow “Finals” link on page linked above), he put up a solid line of 12 Xs for the 300. Good bowling, $eany! 🎳👍

2020-21 Brunswick Mixed Week 17 standings update

Interactive standings after Week 17 (Week 1 of 2nd half)

Maggie’s Warriors jumped into the lead by themselves at our expense to start the second half. BBOB (our opponents tonight) and Move To Strike are tied for 2nd a half-point behind and three teams are tied for 4th, a point behind first.

On the bright side, Lisa did have high handicap game in the women’s “B” division for the week (see weekly divisional high scores on standing sheet).

Joe Bourhill rolls 279/773, Kevin Thibeault 279, Brian Egan, Mike Mayo 278 in Patriots league

The scoring in the Patriots league last week shifted to a team bowling on the other end of the league, as Joe Bourhill put up a 279 game in a 773 set, and Kevin Thibeault, bowling as Joe’s teammate, had a 279 game himself (check the recap, Lane 35). Along with those, Brian Egan and Mike Mayo each also had 278 games (see week’s high scores).

Good bowling guys! 🎳😎

Feb. 3 Brunswick Mixed recap

Last night’s bowling, frame-by-frame

It looked at first like I was going to have another decent night, but then my spare game crept in the tank, and, while I recovered it by the end of the third game, the damage to my score was done by that point.

Result: 189-141-148=478
Average (48 games): 166
Average for last 9 games: 182
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 522

We ran into a team getting two of their bowlers back after a long layoff and only the first game was close in a losing effort (no points).

2020-21 Brunswick Mixed final 1st half standings

Interactive final first half standings

Creeden’s Mustangs ended up tied with Spare Us for 8th place in the first half (neither team will likely be paid for this position, however, the way the league’s prize structure usually works out). Last Empire won the first half by 4.5 points over 10th Frame Magic, with 4 On 9 Man in 3rd and Sweet Rolls 4th.

Creeden’s Mustangs starts the 2nd half this week against Maggie’s Warriors.

Looking at the divisional high scores for the week, I swept the board in the men’s “D” division, while Kevin had high scratch game & series in men’s “B.”

Stephen Major scores 300/804, Jon Hester 817 in Patriots league

Last night was a huge night for a pair of Patriots league teammates, as Stephen Major went 258-300-246 for an 804 and Jon Hester followed him with 289-249-279 for 817. Stephen was subbing for one member of the team while another pre-bowled. My video of Stephen’s last shot is below:

Great bowling, guys! 🎳🔥😎💯

Editor’s note: “Hoss” didn’t want me to note the 289 game after he bowled it, but he think he’s resigned to me doing so after recording the 800. 😜

Jan. 27 Brunswick Mixed recap

Last night’s bowling, frame-by-frame

While I certainly carried better last week, I managed my game well last night, missing only one “easy” spare (a 10 pin), which was made up for with a split conversion. I’ll definitely take any night I’m making over 90% of my non-split spares.

Result: 203-175-197=575
Average (45 games): 167
Average for last 9 games: 177
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 547

Team lost the first game, but won the other two and total.

I’ve recovered all but one pin of the average I established after my third week in just two weeks after my low water mark of the season (162). I have some momentum coming into the second half with my new team now, so I hope I can help them. 🙂

2020-21 Brunswick Mixed Week 15 league standings update

Interactive standings after Week 15

Creeden’s Mustangs are in 9th place and bowling against Strike Machine tonight, the last week of the first half, with our only chance to move up being to sweep and one of the teams ahead of us, Spare Us or Never Lucky, loses three, which would create the tie for 8th place.

At the top, two points won by Last Empire vs. 10th Frame Magic wins the first half outright, while the best 4 On 9 Man can hope for is 2nd place.

I did have the high handicap game & series in men’s “D” last week (link is to the standing sheet page, which I’ll try to do more of when me or my teammates earn weekly division honors).

NEBA to return to Westgate for Brockton Bicentennial Open Nov. 6-7

2021 NEBA Kick-off Broadcast as presented by NEBA President Chris Viale

This is a long video. However, as Chris Viale stated in it Thursday, NEBA will return to Westgate Lanes on the weekend of Nov. 6 & 7 for the Brockton Bicentennial Open. After Westgate wasn’t scheduled to host an event in 2020, it was my thought to try bring NEBA back for one of the Brockton bicentennial years (I’ll address it in an addendum note below.). The pandemic brought an element of uncertainty, but our proposal came together late in NEBA’s scheduling process and we are happy to have been added.

We’d originally hoped for a July date that would lead into our Hall of Fame Weekend and Mid-Summer Celebration, but the November weekend we are scheduled for also works for us, as it leads into Veterans Day, which is also important to our Bicentennial Committee. For more information about our plans for the weekend, you may follow the Downtown Brockton Museum page on Facebook, but I will also try to share any pertinent details on this website’s page, as Bill Hogan, the museum’s president, tends to like to use groups on Facebook for everything more than pages.

We look forward to having the best in my sport in New England return to my hometown this fall.

Addendum note: The City of Brockton’s official seal notes that it became “A Town” in 1821, and Brockton was then known as North Bridgewater. The Downtown Brockton Museum’s reasoning behind having a bicentennial celebration now is that many people alive now will not be alive in 2081, which will be when the bicentennial of the city’s incorporation will be celebrated, and so may not get a chance to experience a celebration of this scope.

Jan. 20 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 15 bowling, frame-by-frame

My closest approach to 600 territory in a while. 😎

The only thing disappointing about the night was that if I made either 4-7 in the 10th frame second or third game tonight, I do get the six just with fill on the spare, in all probability. However, I will take this, as I was as comfortable as I felt bowling in a while, made the right moves when I had to, and had almost no carry issues.

Result: 171-202-220=593
Average (42 games): 165
Average for last 9 games: 169
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 528

Our opponents’ second man had a good night, but the team rode my good third game to the win for that game’s point, which was what we salvaged out of the night.

2020-21 Brunswick Mixed Week standings update

Interactive league standings after Week 14

Creeden’s Mustangs are in 9th place, 15.5 points behind Last Empire, who are a half-point ahead of 10th Frame Magic, a point-and-a-half ahead of 4 On 9 Man, and 7.5 points ahead of Sweet Rolls. My team is scheduled to bowl against Motley Crew tonight, but where this is the last week before the last position round of the half, I’ll give the leaders’ schedules, as well: Last Empire vs. Spare Us, 10th Frame Magic vs. Move To Strike, 4 On 9 Man vs. BBOB, and Sweet Rolls vs. Maggie’s Warriors.

Kevin did have the overall high game (267) and series (710) in the league last week. 😁👍