Links to Mike Shady’s Peak Performance Bowling, The Solid Nine added to sidebar

A couple of links that Jeff Richgels alerted me to are now in the sidebar:

Coach Mike Shady, who has been a recent contributor to The 11th Frame, now has his own site, with a few blog articles currently available focusing on the mental game. This link can be found in the “Coaching/Tips” category.

I’m not sure how new it is, because there have been 55 episodes, but The Solid Nine podcast is now linked in the podcasts category. The latest episode features a wrap-up of the PBA Players Championship, and they also discuss the USBC ball technology study. The link is to SoundCloud, but the podcast is also available on iTunes and Stitcher.

Link to Solstice Sports Gear added to sidebar

At least a couple of bowlers, Danny Khuu and Tim Major, are sporting custom jerseys made by Solstice Sports Gear, whose Facebook page can now be found in the sidebar (under Other equipment/apparel). Danny is on Solstice staff, so he can be contacted if you have ideas for a jersey design.

Link to Tri-State Bowlers added to sidebar

Via the Digital Bowling Society, Justin Sorel’s new Tri-State Bowlers site came to my attention. It appears to be a Timely calendar with bowling events in southern New England, which can be subscribed to (for your own calendars), and events can also be added to it on the site. I gave it a “Local/New England” sidebar link, not being sure if I can merge it with the calendar on this site.

Strike F/X Pro Shops to open at Westgate

I’ve been sitting on other Westgate transition news, but I got the go-ahead to post this: Jon Van Hees has informed me that they hope to have a “soft” opening of a new Strike F/X Pro Shops location here by this weekend, with a grand opening of sorts coming next week. Many of Westgate’s good bowlers have already been using Strike F/X at other locations, so a Westgate location seems natural for them.

Jon and Alex Aguiar will be around at times, but it will mostly be Kevin Thibeault, who had been working at USA Pro Shop for Ray DiSanto, present at the Westgate location. I will certainly miss Ray, but I’m looking forward to the new shop.

Administrivia for the post is the addition of the link to the Strike F/X website to the sidebar, in the “Local/New England” list, but please be aware that each location also has its own Facebook page, and I will “Like” the Brockton page as the blog’s page.

Link to Digital Bowling Society added to sidebar

I just became aware of another organization, named the Digital Bowling Society, which had the season opener of their Digibowl Tournament Series yesterday at Lang’s Bowlarama, the result of which I shared on the Facebook page. They plan on running several events at Lang’s, but, on their Facebook page, I also noticed one tournament planned for Erie, PA, and they also run online leagues and tournaments, which you can find out more about on their website, which is now linked in the sidebar (in the “Local/New England” list).

Link to bowlersKrate added to sidebar

As posted about on The 11th Frame, a new company called bowlersKrate is testing the convenience of ordering bowling accessories (tape, tools, cleaners, towels, shirts, etc.) online by modeling itself after Birchbox (cosmetics) and Threadbeast (clothing) and offering monthly subscriptions, called Krates. Krates geared to the recreational/league and serious bowler are available in 3-month, 6-month, and one-year lengths. The items available to choose will depend on which Krate you’re subscribed to, and are shipped to your door at no additional cost. giftKrates, for the bowler in your life, are also available.

For those interested in this service, there is now a link to bowlersKrate in the sidebar under “Online Pro Shops”, which I thought was the best fit.

Link to the Dutchman tournament added to sidebar

Facebook has done it again, although with something different. I saw NEBA regular Jon Wilbur check in at the Dutchman bowling tournament at Palmyra Bowling in Pennsylvania (outside of Harrisburg), and, after finding the website, the tournament is now linked in the sidebar in the “Tournaments” catch-all list. The tournament runs from March through August, and could be done by New Englanders in an overnight trip.

Link to US High School Bowling Foundation added to sidebar

Facebook has provided me another site link, but it’s something different this time, as the US High School Bowling Foundation puts on the US High School Bowling Championships annually, typically on the last weekend in June. As the site covers more than just the tournament, but also high school bowling news from everywhere, I decided to link the site in the national organization category.

Link to Monster Bowling added to sidebar

The “Ball Sites” sidebar links category is something I try to take pride in, and I made an addition to the list tonight with Monster Bowling, which I found via Facebook. The Loch Ness Monster appears to be their maiden offering, and they’ll apparently have a list of honor scores bowled with their equipment on their website in the future.

Link to Average Joe Reviews added to sidebar

It’s been a while since I added a new YouTube bowling channel to the sidebar, and I came across Average Joe Reviews on Facebook. Most of the current videos in the channel are reviews of recent EBI and Motiv balls, but they’re also venturing into bowling tips, with the first one featuring PWBA Tour player Sandra Gongora on spare shooting. The link is in the “Bowling Streaming/Videos” sidebar category.

Link to SCN Action Bowling added to sidebar

Rolltech has been linked in the sidebar for some time, and they now have a competitor, SCN, that is advertising their online contests this PBA television season. They offer many of the same types of contests, as well as heads-up (you vs. one opponent) and 50/50s (half of the field cashes), and others. SCN is available to bowlers whose leagues are uploaded to, as well as leagues in SCN partner bowling centers. Like Rolltech, the link is in the “Tournaments” sidebar list, with the SCN Action Bowling mobile apps linked on their homepage.

Link to Creating the Difference added to sidebar

I found their website from a “sponsored” post on Facebook, but I actually learned of Creating the Difference from a recuperating Brunswick Mixed bowler, Paul Felci. It is a coaching page for Ron Hickland out of Chicago, but they also sell two types of bowling products, one a cleaner and the other a product that adds length while still being USBC-approved for anytime. I anguished over whether to place the link in the “Coaching/Tips” sidebar list or “Other Equipment/Apparel” (for miscellaneous bowling products), but since you might be able to get Ron Hickland to run a clinic at your center if you can get enough bowlers to sign up, I thought the former being the best fit, especially where coach Ron Clifton also sells his “Magic Carpet” thumb inserts on his coaching site.

Link to SE Mass. Junior Scratch Travel League standings added to sidebar

I’d long suspected they existed online, but didn’t really know where to look until one of the Southeastern Mass. Junior Scratch Travel League’s current bowlers told me their standings were on, but listed as a Wonder Bowl league. Having found them, they’re now linked in the “Local/New England” sidebar list, and I’ll now be able to follow events in the league. Note: Two of Westgate’s teams are currently 1-2 in the standings. 🙂

Link to Track My Roll added to sidebar

I’ve come across a promising new bowling mobile app, Track My Roll, on Facebook and have added its web homepage to the sidebar in the “Bowling Software/Apps” category. What this app appears to do is something that used to take a full CATS system to do, track a ball’s path, giving laydown board, breakpoint, ball speed, launch angle, and entry angle, all using the camera in almost every smartphone and tablet. Endorsed by USBC Gold coach Ron Hatfield (whose coaching site I’ve also added, under “Coaching/Tips”), it is currently available for iOS (link to iTunes page on website) and, hopefully, soon for Android.

Link to Bowling Illustrated Radio added

IBMA member Craig Elliot has launched a podcast, TVS Bowling Illustrated Radio, on, and I have added a link in the “Bowling Streaming/Videos” sidebar category. There may be enough podcast content linked to give podcasts their own category, but I’ll make that determination this summer.

Links to MIST, added to sidebar

In the process of following the Maine Invitational Scratch Tournament (MIST), their tournament director, James Goulding, has informed me about their homepage, which has been added to the “Local/New England” sidebar list.

The MIST site is hosted by, which I’ve known about as an alternative bowling forum site, but the webmaster of my favorite site told me years ago about spamming problems on his site, and the reason why is a filtered URL on that site. I’d be willing to reason, however, that the spamming was coming from troublemakers and not the more responsible members of Keeping that in mind, as well as the fact that there are some great articles there, including Mo Pinel’s oft referred to article on dual-angle layout, I gave it a link in the “Bowling Sites” catch-all list.

2016-17 Week 9 league standings update

Updating my league standings after Week 9 (with the virtual league result included):

  • Brunswick Mixed: After winning two points from Artie’s Angels, Lane Ducks are tied with them for 4th, two points behind Sweet Rolls, who lead Spare Us and Spear the 10 Pin by a point. Eileen On Me is 3.5 points behind the lead in 6th. Striking Gentlemen will be tomorrow night’s opponents.
  • Sunday Niters: After winning two points from We Found “B”, The 3 Stooges are a point behind that team in 2nd place, with Ten Is Enough eight points behind the lead in 3rd and Here For Beer 10 points behind in 4th. Broads With Balls are Sunday night’s opponents.
  • Virtual league: 5 Kingpins won two points from Ballslingers and are now in last place, 13 points behind the leading Big Guns, who are two points ahead of Team 6, six ahead of AmExGoGoDub, and eight points ahead of Ballslingers and Team 3.

As the “administrivia” for this post, I’ve removed the “Author’s links” sidebar link to my bracket results worksheet, as I doubted I’d get in any this season in my Wednesday night league. The worksheet will be archived on my online storage.

Sidebar link to The People’s Tournament restored

When I removed the sidebar link to The People’s Tournament, it was because I had thought the tournament’s future was uncertain. However, they’ve been running a tournament at Hall of Fame Silver Lanes in December (including one coming up) in the meantime, and that’s enough to merit restoring the link. It will be found in the “Local/New England” list, of course.

Nov. 1 scrapbook addition

I hadn’t thought about it until last night, but I wanted to acknowledge the pro shop’s method of noting 300 games and 800 series at Westgate, so I put a photo of the current state of the pro shop window (where the desk printouts of those go up) in the “scrapbook”.

Also, now that I have the Facebook page for this site, I thought it proper to also put this and future “scrapbook” content there. 🙂

Link to Junior Bowlers Tour added to sidebar

Tom Hankey bowls a lot on the Junior Bowlers Tour, which, while they’re primarily based in the rest of the Northeast, has a division in New England (primarily houses in Connecticut). With my Facebook page’s expanded focus on bowling elsewhere in New England, the JBT is suitable for linking in the sidebar, in the “Local/New England” list. The first tournament I’ll post results for on Facebook should be today’s event at Dolr Bill’s in New Milford, CT., hopefully in the coming week.

Links to Youth Bowling Scholarships of America et. al added to sidebar

Busy day adding to the sidebar, and I’ll describe more about the other links added below, but no link I added today may be more important than Youth Bowling Scholarships of America, which is lining up sites like Amazon, Walmart, etc. for an affiliate marketing program to provide youth bowlers scholarships. Affiliate marketing will mean, instead of going to your favorite shopping site, you’ll click the link to the site on the YBSA page so that a small commission on everything you buy goes to YBSA, at no additional cost to you. I already support this way, so I hope the YBSA does well. Be sure to check out their Facebook page, as well. The “Bowling Sites” catch-all category is where this link will be found.

The other sites I’ve added are Genesis Bowling, makers of the K-Motion kinesiology tape, which I’ve seen Brian Egan using, and the two best-known makers of bowling ball inserts, Turbo and Vise. Those links will be in the “Other Equipment/Apparel” list.

Link to Apparel EFX added to sidebar

Once again, Facebook has yielded another bowling shirt maker, Apparel EFX, and the link to their website has been added (in Other Equipment/Apparel) to the sidebar. Like a lot of bowling apparel companies, they offer semi-custom shirts, where you can pick a design and color, and add your name, ball brand logos, etc. Also, for those bowlers who are also golfers, Apparel EFX offers golf shirts.

Link to McCorvey’s Bowling World added to sidebar

McCorvey’s Bowling World (the newest entry to the growing list of online pro shops on this blog), unlike a lot of online pro shops, has brick & mortar locations in Alabama, but the fact that they do business online is why their link has been added. Of course, they have a page of deals, and purchases of “Pink Ribbon” items this month will help support breast cancer research.

This was another one that I found on Facebook, if anyone’s wondering.