Mark Zimmerman throws 290 in Patriots league

Consider this a “clean-up” item from last Thursday:  Mark Zimmerman ended his Patriots league night with the back 11 for a 290 third game. WTG! 🙂


Shawn Hagan bowls 298 in Pepsi league

Shawn Hagan last night in the Pepsi league had the front 11, but then left a fast eight (4-7) for a 298, now the high game in the league this season. Nice bowling! 🙂

Egan & Zimmerman repeat NAT doubles championship at Westgate

Oct 2018 NAT doubles

Finalists of Oct. 28 NAT doubles event at Westgate Lanes (L-R): Champions Mark Zimmerman & Brian Egan, runners-up Hakim Emmanuel & Angel Hernandez Sr. (Photo courtesy of Northeast Amateur Tournament)

According to this Facebook post (must be logged into Facebook to view), Mark Zimmerman & Brian Egan repeated last month’s doubles title at Town Line Luxury Lanes by defeating Hakim Emmanuel & Angel Hernandez Sr., 491-490 (with handicap) to capture the title at Westgate Lanes. The final match came down to Egan’s three balls in the 10th, all of which needed to be strikes to win by a pin.

Congrats again guys! 🙂

2018-19 Week 8 league standings update

After winning one point from 5 Spares, Let’s Mix Em Up is tied for 11th with Great Balls of Fire and 5 Spares, nine points behind Party of Six, who lead Stacked, Creeden’s Mustangs, and Last Empire by four points. The coming week is a position round, and our opponents are the aforementioned Great Balls of Fire.

Brian “Hawk” Earle shoots 299 in Westgate Mixed

Age may have slowed Brian “Hawk” Earle a bit, but he’s still capable of putting up good games, the best I’ve seen being a stuck 10 for a 299 last night in the Westgate Mixed league. WTG! 🙂

Oct. 24 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 8 bowling, frame-by-frame

A little bit of everything last night except for first-ball gutter balls and split conversions. I’m proudest of my clean second game, and no missed single-pin spares all night.

Result: 173-191-175=539
Average (24 games): 172
Average for last 9 games: 177
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 541

Composite average (27 games): 173

Steve was absent, and the team only won the second game.

2018-19 Week 7 league standings update

After winning four points from The Fun Team, Let’s Mix Em Up is in 12th place, six points behind Party of Six, who are two points ahead of Creeden’s Mustangs and Spare Us, and 2.5 points ahead of Livin on a Spare. 5 Spares will be tomorrow night’s opponents.

Si had the high scratch & handicap series in the men’s “E” division, with only Joe Sullivan having a higher game in the division.

Greg Andrews tosses 299/854 in Patriots league

In the scuttlebutt before the Pepsi league last night, I was told Greg Andrews had a big night Thursday night, and, checking with the desk today, it was 278-277-299 for a monster 854 set. Nice bowling! 🙂

“Mr. 900” shoots 822 in Rhythm & Bowling

“Mr. 900” Hakim Emmanuel sent me a scorer photo which showed that he went 277-277-268 for an 822 set last night in the Rhythm & Bowling league, which research showed was his highest since the 900, and was also the first of his three honor series that didn’t have at least one 300 game. If you’re thinking “Hakim pair”, it was on 43 & 44, not 47 & 48.

Congrats Hakim! 🙂

Jim Ferguson captures 1st NAT singles title at Westgate

Oct. 14 NAT finalists

Finalists of Oct. 14 NAT singles event at Westgate Lanes (L-R): Champion Jim Ferguson, runner-up Daniel Zizza (Photo courtesy of Northeast Amateur Tournament)

As updated in their newsletter, the Northeast Amateur Tournament reported that Jim Ferguson won his first singles title and 5th overall in last Sunday’s event at Westgate Lanes, defeating Daniel Zizza, 239-234 (with handicap) in the final match.

Oct. 17 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 7 bowling, frame-by-frame

I felt I executed better today, but a few early splits and transition misses later held my scores down. I did punch out in the 10th in two of the three games, the first coming when my team needed me.

Result: 172-179-183=534
Average (21 games): 171
Average for last 9 games: 177
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 537

Composite average (24 games): 172

Si had one of his best nights of my recent memory, going 183-179-201 for a 563 set; it helped the team win all four points.

2018-19 Week 6 standings update

After winning three points from Last Empire, Let’s Mix Em Up is in 13th place, eight points behind Party of Six, who lead 10th Frame Magic, The Fun Team (tonight’s opponents), and Spare Us by two points.

Jim Ferguson posts 804, Stan Lewis 300 in NAT

The NAT is often slow posting results, but I can report that Jim Ferguson had 279-256-269 for an 804 set (first three of four) in the first squad, and Stan Lewis had a 300 game on the second squad, the video of which I have here:

More to come later, of course.

Devon McGregor rolls 296 in TNBA league

He’s probably missed by the Pepsi league (as the one who ran the eliminator), but Devon McGregor has found success in his new league, the TNBA league, shooting a 296 game last week. Congrats! 🙂

Omar Butcher throws 299 in Patriots league

The latest Patriots league standings update showed a 299 game last week by a bowler I don’t believe I’ve mentioned for a score yet, Omar Butcher. Congrats! 🙂

Brian Egan rolls 290/806 in Malden

I think Brian Gaskill wanted to stack his Wednesday team in Malden, and Brian Egan helped deliver last night with 290-279-237 for an 806 set. WTG! 🙂

Oct. 10 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 6 bowling, frame-by-frame

Although my execution was much better in the third game, a couple of untimely splits prevented that game from scoring better. There were a couple of single-pin misses, including one filling the last frame.

Result: 171-159-198=528
Average (18 games): 169
Average for last 9 games: 175
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 513

Composite average (21 games): 171

Team night wasn’t too special, but we still won the first two games & total.

2018-19 Week 5 league standings update

After winning a point from Stacked, Let’s Mix Em Up is in a tie for 14th with 5 Spares, eight points behind Party of Six and 10th Frame Magic; those teams are a point ahead of Creeden’s Mustangs and two ahead of Last Empire (tonight’s opponents), Livin on a Spare, and Spare Us.

I had the high handicap series in the men’s “B” division last week (632, tied with Joe Chan).

Westgate Warriors roll over Mill City; Egan shoots 300, Gaskill 300/814

It was a different time of year and opponent, but the Westgate Warriors again successfully defended their home center with a 26-14 net victory over Mill City Mayhem Sunday. Standouts for the Warriors were Brian Egan (760 in Scratch), Jon Hester (718 in Handicap 1), Jake Tobin (700 in Handicap 2), and Sean Richard (736 in Handicap 2). Egan had a 300 in the second game, and here’s the last shot (courtesy of Zach Thompson):

Not to be outdone, Brian Gaskill, bowling in Mop Nation’s match, went 300-247-267 for an 814 set.

Good bowling to all! 🙂

A blast from the past

Junior has allowed me to take possession of these photos from either a tournament or exhibition on Nov. 1, 1964. The bowlers in these have been identified as PBA Hall of Famer Harry “The Tiger” Smith and Roy Lown (the latter the lefty, who won the PBA’S first televised finals in 1961).

Westgate Nov 1 1964 3Westgate Nov 1 1964 2

Westgate Nov 1 1964 1

The originals will be donated to the Downtown Brockton Museum.

Oct. 3 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 5 bowling, frame-by-frame

Most of my difficulty was finding the adjustment for the left lane, because I had 5/5 strikes on the right lane in the second game, repeating my first game score in the third when I did find it.

Result: 183-173-183=539
Average (15 games): 168
Average for last 9 games: 178
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 513

Composite average (18 games): 171

Si was absent, and we might have been able to use him, as we only won first game. On the other hand, the opposing anchor shot 747.

Aaron Major tosses 300 in His & Hers

Aaron Major is back home from Wichita St. for the longer term now, and threw a 300 last night in the His & Hers league, which, I believe is his first as an adult bowler. Nice game! 🙂

2018-19 Week 4 league standings update

Let’s Mix Em Up lost all four to Lost & Found and are now tied for 13th with Stacked (tonight’s opponents) , nine points behind Party of Six, who are two points ahead of Creeden’s Mustangs and three ahead of 10th Frame Magic, Great Balls of Fire, and Lost & Found.

2018-19 UBA season schedule

Zach Thompson has released the Westgate Warriors’ 2018-19 UBA season schedule in the franchise’s Facebook group, which, as usual, I share below:

2018-19 UBA

I’m told the lack of number of teams in the division is the reason for the number of position rounds.