Edward Murphy fires 299 in His & Hers

This should be the first time for this bowler: A newcomer to the His & Hers league, Edward Murphy, posted a 299 game last week. WTG! 🙂


2017-18 Week 2 league standings update

Update on the standings in my leagues after Week 2; as I was absent last week, this will include the result for my team in Brunswick Mixed:

  • Brunswick Mixed: Let’s Mix ‘Em Up won one point from Stuck With Us, and now stand tied with three other teams for 12th, four points behind the leading Dawg Pound and Ebony & Ivories (the latter who we bowl against tomorrow night). Party of Five is a point behind in 3rd, and Last Empire and Knock Em Down are tied for 4th, two points behind.
  • Sunday Niters: After winning eight forfeit points, The 3 Stooges are tied for 3rd with We Don’t Give a Split, four points behind Here For Beer, with Ten Is Enough in 2nd, two points behind. Broads With Balls are our opponents Sunday night.


“Mr. 900” rolls 300 in Rhythm & Bowling

Before tonight, counting his summer league, “Mr. 900” had a 300 game in every league he bowls in at Westgate Lanes, with one exception, the Boston Rhythm & Bowling league. After tonight, he has all of his leagues covered, as he threw one to end his night. WTG! 🙂

Sept. 17 Sunday Niters recap

My Week 2 bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

I probably should have scored better, as most of my missed spares were chops of multi-pin makeables. I still had my 600 alive in the last frame, by missed a 10 pin, the first for me this season. Bright spot: I had at least a turkey in every game, with a four-bagger in each of the last two games.

Result: 172-206-214=592
Average (6 games): 181
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 548

Composite average (9 games): 171

The league contracted to eight teams, so we bowled a different team than I posted, and that team forfeited. We won all eight, with my 214 picking up Peter in the third game.

“Mr. 900” shoots 298 game in Patriots league

It seems like an upset because he’s gotten his perfect games since the 900 series, but Hakim Emmanuel only had the front 11 in the first game tonight in the Patriots league before leaving the 3-6 for a 298 game. Good bowling, still, Hakim!  🙂

Jon Hester bowls 299/805 to open Patriots league season

I didn’t get the scores until today, but Jon “Hoss” Hester opened the Patriots league season last week with 279-299-227 for an 805 set. WTG! 🙂

As an aside, the Patriots league, which had been a doubles league, has had to go to trios this season as preparation for the coming Westgate renovation.

Sean Richard fires 300 in Westgate Mixed

There have been three 300 games already this season at Westgate Lanes, and a Hall of Famer, Sean Richard, can account for two of those after bowling his second one tonight in the Westgate Mixed league. WTG! 🙂

2017-18 Week 1 league standings update

Updating the standings in my leagues after the first week:

  • Brunswick Mixed: Let’s Mix ‘Em Up took two points (four-point league) from Creeden’s Mustangs, and we sorted into 10th in the standings. Striking Gentlemen, Dawg Pound, Spare Change, and Knock ‘Em Down were the teams that won all four points in the first week. Let’s Mix ‘Em Up is scheduled to bowl against Stuck With Us tonight, but I will have to miss it, as I have to attend a wake.
  • Sunday Niters: After winning two points (eight-point league) from Here For Beer, The 3 Stooges sorted into 8th place by pinfall. OSIMAS, bowling against the vacant, was the only team that won all eight in the first week.  We bowl against the early leaders Sunday night.

Link to Many Styles of Bowling added to sidebar

Recently, I became aware of LaRue “Stylesssss” Marlow’s Many Styles of Bowling apparel site through their sponsorship of NEBA, and the link is now in the sidebar under the “Other Equipment/Apparel” list. If they have a Facebook page, I will also “Like” it as The Tenth Board.

Sean Richard & Jim Ferguson repeat as NAT doubles champions

Sept 10 NAT doubles finalists

Finalists of Sept. 10 NAT handicap doubles event at Westgate Lanes (L-R): Champions Jim Ferguson & Sean Richard, runners-up Danny Khuu & Tom Hedding (Photo courtesy of NAT)

The Northeast Amateur Tournament reported in its newsletter that Sean Richard & Jim Ferguson became back-to-back NAT doubles champions in the event held on Sept. 10 at Westgate Lanes after defeating Tom Hedding & Danny Khuu 456-445 (with handicap) in the final match. Sean and Jim had also won the season-end event at Westgate Lanes back in June. Also cashing out of Westgate were Hakim Emmanuel (with partner Mike Macedo) and Brian Egan (with partner Jayme Silva).

Stephen Major hits NAT strike jackpot in Westgate doubles event

Stephen Major NAT strike jackpot

Stephen Major, winner of the NAT strike jackpot on Sept. 10 (Photo courtesy of NAT)

I believe I need to mention this now, as well: Stephen Major, who was bowling in his first tournament at Westgate as an adult bowler, hit the NAT’s strike jackpot in the doubles event yesterday for $865. The jackpot is won by bowling 13 strikes in designated frames in the four-game series, including the last four (9th and the three in the 10th) in the fourth game. Nice going, Stephen! 🙂

Danny Khuu posts 801 & 300 in NAT doubles

Scoring in the NAT handicap doubles event at Westgate Lanes yesterday was led by Danny Khuu, who first posted 279-242-279 for an 801 for the first three of four games, and then followed that up with a perfect fourth game for a nice 1,101 four-game total. I got the last strike of the 300, which is below:

There were also a couple of 11 in a row scores during qualifying, a 299 by Del Picard, and a 298 by Jeff Santos.

Nice bowling, guys, and results (hopefully) are soon to come.

Sept. 10 Sunday Niters recap

My Week 1 bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

Two better games tonight than any of them Wednesday night, but I certainly hope missing spares on the left side doesn’t become a recurring theme this year. I’m still perfect on the year on my right side makeables.

Result: 166-158-174=498
Average (3 games): 166
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 504

Composite average (6 games): 159

The points for total pins might have been interesting if I’d been able to max out my 10th frame third game, but, as it was, we only won the first game.

Westgate Warriors defeat Mill City in 2017-18 UBA season opener

The Westgate Warriors began defense of their UBA New England North district title today with a 24-16 net victory at AMF Auburn Lanes over Mill City Mayhem. James Bessette, bowling in Handicap 2, ended up with the only 700 of the match for either side with a 711 set, supported in Scratch by Danny Khuu (691) and in Handicap 1 by Stan Lewis (684).

2017-18 Westgate house shot

Rob Lawson has released this season’s house shot at Westgate, which I present below:

2017 Westgate house shot

It is a longish pattern with a fairly light volume, so I’ll have to update my BowlSK leagues. With a 7.5:1 ratio, it should be a fair shot.


Greg Andrews throws 300 in Westgate Mixed

A lefty put up the second 300 game of the season in as many nights, but, rather than Sean Richard tonight, it was Greg Andrews in the Westgate Mixed league. Nice bowling! 🙂

Sept. 6 Brunswick Mixed recap

I have three new teammates in Brunswick Mixed: Kathy Valerio, whom some of you may remember was associate tournament director of the People’s Tournament, and two bowlers from the summer, Brian Barksdale and Thomas Smith. Our team name is Let’s Mix ‘Em Up, and I let Kathy be the team captain.

My Week 1 bowling, frame-by-frame (Linked to BowlSK sheet)

I was sort of getting a feel for these lanes, noticing that the backend reaction was a bit more than I’m used to. The weird part of my spare game tonight was that I only made the one 7 pin on the left side, but every makeable spare on the right side.

Result: 145-150-161=456
Average (3 games): 152
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 462

Brian bowled the best of us tonight, but we won’t know about points at least until the weekend.

Sean Richard bowls 1st 300 of 2017-18 season in His & Hers

The Westgate fall league season formally got underway tonight, and there’s already a 300 to report, with “$eany Ka$h” doing the honors in the His & Hers league. I want to say this is the second time in my memory (last 10 years) that the first 300 of the season came on its very first night. WTG! 🙂

2017-18 Coke league 1st quarter lane condition

The Coke league’s new lane condition committee has determined that the pattern for the first quarter of the new season will be Kegel’s Middle Road. If I did it right, the image of the graph will appear below instead of having to link the PDF:

Middle Road

Strike F/X Pro Shops to open at Westgate

I’ve been sitting on other Westgate transition news, but I got the go-ahead to post this: Jon Van Hees has informed me that they hope to have a “soft” opening of a new Strike F/X Pro Shops location here by this weekend, with a grand opening of sorts coming next week. Many of Westgate’s good bowlers have already been using Strike F/X at other locations, so a Westgate location seems natural for them.

Jon and Alex Aguiar will be around at times, but it will mostly be Kevin Thibeault, who had been working at USA Pro Shop for Ray DiSanto, present at the Westgate location. I will certainly miss Ray, but I’m looking forward to the new shop.

Administrivia for the post is the addition of the link to the Strike F/X website to the sidebar, in the “Local/New England” list, but please be aware that each location also has its own Facebook page, and I will “Like” the Brockton page as the blog’s page.

2017-18 season ramp-up

I’m about to get back into the bowling grind, but the only part about my involvement in leagues this season that’s remaining stable is Sunday Niters, where I will be returning with the same team. In Brunswick Mixed, however, the Woods and Jeff have decided to go off on their own, and Si is likely not returning, so I’m likely on a new team in that league, the composition of which will not really be known until the league starts Wednesday night.

There is bad news in the virtual league, as well, as I made the difficult decision to not run a fall virtual league, as I felt I didn’t have enough bowlers. I let everyone on the BowlingCommunity forums know, however, that I’d revisit a winter virtual league as Thanksgiving approaches.

Link to Digital Bowling Society added to sidebar

I just became aware of another organization, named the Digital Bowling Society, which had the season opener of their Digibowl Tournament Series yesterday at Lang’s Bowlarama, the result of which I shared on the Facebook page. They plan on running several events at Lang’s, but, on their Facebook page, I also noticed one tournament planned for Erie, PA, and they also run online leagues and tournaments, which you can find out more about on their website, which is now linked in the sidebar (in the “Local/New England” list).

Paris Cook shoots 300 in Monday doubles league tournament

I’m not sure if it counted for USBC awards, but it was still in competition and deserved at least a blog mention: Paris Cook had a 300 last night in the Monday summer league’s season-ending tournament last night, which was run in an eliminator format. Paris and his partner, Matt Richard, won it.

Nice bowling!

Sept. 2017 Westgate Warriors schedule note

The full schedule isn’t out yet, but Zach Thompson did post in the Westgate Warriors’ Facebook group that they will begin defense of their district championship on Sept. 9 at AMF Auburn Lanes vs. Mill City Mayhem, followed on Sept. 24 at Lessard Lanes (Plainville, CT) vs. Silver Lane Express. I will post the full season tour schedule when I have it.

2017 Coke league preseason notes

I sat in on the Coke league meeting last week, and, first off, the league voted to be a Challenge league, by the new USBC lane condition designation (patterns with ratios between 8:1 and 4:1). Related to this, the league also voted that any new league member with only a Standard average will have it rerated in reverse according to the Challenge average conversion chart. Finally, a committee was created to assist in determining the lane condition for each segment of the league.

Westgate Lanes sold to Patel family

As reported by the Enterprise, a sale of Westgate Lanes to Patel Westgate Realty was executed last Monday for a reported $3.3M. The Patel family owns several bowling centers in New York state, with their flagship location in Kingston.

Fran Kaiser has been appointed as Westgate’s new general manager, and, in a meeting I was able to sit in on, she stressed that league and tournament bowling will continue to be important to their business model, and they also hope to build up the junior program as part of that effort. One other thing related to this I can pass along is that the Patels hosted a PBA regional event at their Kingston location this summer, and they hope to bring one to Westgate in the future.

I’d like to formally welcome the Patels and Ms. Kaiser to Westgate Lanes, and I look forward to working with you.

Sean Richard bowls 300 in NEBA at Silver Lanes

I’m not sure how many he’s had in NEBA competition, but I know it’s not his first one: “$eany Ka$h” had his first 300 as a new “free agent” today during NEBA qualifying at Hall of Fame Silver Lanes, and, hopefully, he holds on for an at-large spot. Nice bowling, and good luck tomorrow! 🙂

Jon Hester posts 817 in Monday doubles

Summer leagues are winding down, but the Monday doubles league didn’t end without Jon Hester putting up 269-278-207 for an 817 in his first three games the other night. Nice going, Hoss! 🙂

Link to bowlersKrate added to sidebar

As posted about on The 11th Frame, a new company called bowlersKrate is testing the convenience of ordering bowling accessories (tape, tools, cleaners, towels, shirts, etc.) online by modeling itself after Birchbox (cosmetics) and Threadbeast (clothing) and offering monthly subscriptions, called Krates. Krates geared to the recreational/league and serious bowler are available in 3-month, 6-month, and one-year lengths. The items available to choose will depend on which Krate you’re subscribed to, and are shipped to your door at no additional cost. giftKrates, for the bowler in your life, are also available.

For those interested in this service, there is now a link to bowlersKrate in the sidebar under “Online Pro Shops”, which I thought was the best fit.

Sean Richard posts 801 in Monday doubles

“$eany Ka$h” hasn’t had 300s since his release from Radical staff, but he’s making up for those with a bigger number…800, with Sean putting up 289-268-244 in the first three games of the doubles league tonight for an 801. WTG! 🙂