Adam Johndrow rolls 299 in Firefighters league

Adam Johndrow nearly followed up last week’s 300 with another one last night, but a 10 pin stopped him short. Next time!


Bill Briggs shoots 300 in Pepsi league

It took 27 weeks, but Bill Briggs bowled the first 300 game of the Pepsi league season last night in the second game. Congrats!

Ed Miller shoots first 300 in Sunday Niters

I saw several reports on Facebook that Ed Miller, a member of my Wednesday league, bowled his first 300 game last night in the Sunday Niters league, which I have been a member of. Congrats! 🙂

Sean Richard posts 800 in SEMASS doubles

Sean Richard posted on Facebook that he had 256-289-255 for 800 on the button in the doubles event of the SEMASS association tournament at AMF Somerset Lanes yesterday. Nice bowling!

Note: Sean bowls in the Monday trios league at Holiday Lanes in Westport, and so was already an association member.

Links to Sacred Heart, Franklin Pierce bowling added to sidebar

Hoping to give the collegiate side of New England bowling a boost, I’ve added links to two colleges in the region with bowling programs, Sacred Heart and Franklin Pierce, to the sidebar. Without a dedicated college category, the links are in the New England category. Franklin Pierce has two links, as they have both men’s and women’s programs.

I’ve also removed the link to the RI Ladies Classic, as the tournament is now defunct. I really wish it got more support from the bowlers.

Also, SEMBA has outgrown its Boston-area roots and has changed its name to the Senior Masters Bowlers Association. Their link has been updated accordingly.

Hal Brown shoots 298 in Patriots league

There are three generations of the Brown family from around Kingston who bowl as a team in the Patriots league, and, the other night, Hal, the youngest of the three, bowled a 298 game. WTG!

Link to BowlTV updated

With the USBC recently announcing that BowlTV has become a subscription service, I’ve updated the BowlTV sidebar link to point to the new service. Link can be found under “Bowling Streaming/Videos”.

Also, I’ve removed two links to BowlerExpress, as the new Brunswick Sync scoring system has been found to be incompatible with the older BowlerExpress standings site.

Adam Johndrow rolls 300 in Firefighters league

Congrats to Adam Johndrow for a 300 game Monday night in the unsanctioned Firefighters league. (For those who aren’t there on Monday, the Pepsi league has the high end, with Firefighters closer to the desk.) Adam told me he’s had seven 300s, but wasn’t sure how many were in the Firefighters league.

Brian Egan shoots 300 in Malden

Congrats to Brian Egan, who had a 300 last night in the Wednesday night Malden league. Sean Richard, Brian’s teammate, got video, which is below:

Mar. 20 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 29 bowling, frame-by-frame

I thought I’d try my Alpha Crux last night, and, while I think I need more practice with it, the change to my Tropical Breeze was still better timed than last week from a lane condition perspective.

Result: 163-170-182=515
Average (81 games): 169
Average for last 9 games: 166
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 529

Composite average (87 games): 171

I had my full four-man team back last night, but we only won the first game.

Sean Richard throws 11 in a row 279 in His & Hers

I didn’t know if he did it before, but, last night, in a follow-up on a Facebook post, Sean Richard told me he flagged a 7 pin to start a game, but then followed that up with the back 11 for a 279, the maximum score possible with an open frame.

Nice bowling! 🙂

2018-19 Week 28 league standings update

After winning two points from Spare Us, Let’s MixEm up is in a tie with Striking Gentlemen for 12th, 12 points behind Last Empire, who lead Creeden’s Mustangs by two points, with Stacked and Sweet Rolls tied for 3rd, four points behind the leaders. 10th Frame Magic will be the team we cross with tomorrow night.

Sean Richard slams 299/847 in Rhythm & Bowling

We’re used to big scores from Sean Richard, but the Boston Rhythm & Bowling league provided a new setting for one last night, and it was a monster: 255-299-289 for an 847 set, now high in the house this season. Nice bowling!

Mar. 17 NAT award scores

Two 800s to report from yesterday’s NAT: Danny Khuu was the more familiar name, as he went 289-255-257 for an 801 (first three, as always), but Shane Litchfield, now an adult bowler, put up 258-279-278 for an 815 and his first 800 series.

Finally, Bob Dimuccio Jr. and Paul Sawyer each had a 290 game, which was high in the tournament.

Good bowling to all.

2018-19 Pepsi league 4th quarter lane condition

The last quarter of the Pepsi league starts tomorrow night, and the lane condition will be Middle Road (link on name will load the pattern graph).

As an aside, Bill Briggs once told me that his team, now Eklund Electric, has never lost a Coke/Pepsi league segment on Route 66, and that continued, as they won the third quarter this season on the lane condition.

Good luck & good bowling!

Patriots league team bowls 2,257 series

One of the bowlers involved alerted me last night that his team, Team 17, with a lineup of Mark Zimmerman, Jon Hester, and Rob Young, shot a 2,257 team series last week in the Patriots league, which is over the USBC reporting threshold. Here are the line scores, for the record:

Zimmerman: 223-226-278=727
Hester: 278-242-248-768
Young: 258-290-214=762

Nice bowling guys! 🙂

Mar. 13 Brunswick Mixed recap

Before I get started about last night’s league play, I had a practice session with Stephen Major watching, and not only did he give me something to work on, he assessed my arsenal and suggested I start with the Hy-Road. Finishing a second line, I had something like the last six.

My Week 28 bowling, frame-by-frame

The second game is not one I’ll blame on poor spare shooting, but rather missing a ball change, because the Hy-Road was not moving at all, but the Tropical Breeze held me in good stead the rest of the night. Indeed, it was my second-best third game of the season.

Result: 174-133-207=514
Average (78 games): 169
Average for last 9 games: 166
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 534

Composite average (84 games): 171

We were missing both Si and Eric, but won the third game by enough to steal total.

Afterward, I mentioned to Stephen that I had an Alpha Crux at home; he said to bring it over.

2018-19 Week 27 league standings update

After failing to win points from Great Balls of Fire, Let’s MixEm Up is in a tie for 12th with Striking Gentlemen, 11 points behind Last Empire, who lead three teams (Sweet Rolls, Stacked, and Creeden’s Mustangs) by two points. Spare Us are tonight’s opposition.

2019 BPUSBC association tournament results

The Bristol-Plymouth Bowling Association has made results of their first championship tournament official. I will use what the association posted on Facebook here:

Again, thank you to all of the participants and congratulations to those who cashed.

Mar. 9 Adult/Junior doubles results

The results of today’s Adult/Junior doubles tournament. There were five entries in the Senior division and nine in a combined Junior/Prep division.


  1. Chris Zalewski & Kevin Thibeault 1,524


  1. Dennis “Radio” Goulart & Joe Bourhill 1,451
  2. Dylan & Debbie Major 1,430

Congrats to today’s winners. 🙂

Hy Bao rolls first 300 in Malden

I’ve written plenty about the Pepsi league’s Hy Bao and his successes in tournaments, but never for a score, and it was a notable one for him: His first 300 last night in Malden. Congrats! 🙂

Mar. 6 Brunswick Mixed recap

My Week 27 bowling, frame-by-frame

Multi-pin spares, particularly splits and washouts, doomed this night, with the prime example being the back-to-back 4-5-7s, which told me I could no longer swing it. I missed two single pins, but neither was a 10.

Result: 169-138-166=473
Average (75 games): 169
Average for last 9 games: 163
Next week’s AVG+1 score: 538

Composite average (81 games): 171

Eric couldn’t make it (car trouble) and Si missed the first game; team won no points.

Strike F/X team leads way in Patriots league

The Strike F/X Patriots league team put up an impressive game in their first game last week, with Ralph Dahlgren’s 277 bookended by 290s by John Camara and Alex Aguiar for an 857 game, which would be a pin shy of high trios game in the nation at press time. They finished out with a 2,314 series, also a reportable series. The performance was big enough to make a 300 game by Danny Khuu an afterthought.

Good bowling guys! 🙂

Link to Specto Bowling added to sidebar

I’m sure most of us who watch bowling on TV know that Kegel’s Specto Bowling has been used extensively on FOX’s coverage of the PBA Tour. I did find out yesterday that Specto is available as a mobile app. I’ve linked the Android app on the web Google Play, but iPhone users shouldn’t worry: The iOS version of the app is on iTunes.